The dawning of the new democracy

So who will win this US election?

The free world holds its breath.

During the night the polls closed in America (or as Trump tweeted ‘the Poles’)

They have replied with their humour that they are never closed but enough of his xenophobic rubbish. This could not have been a mistake as Polacks (not my word) are the butt of jokes in the US like they used to tell Irish jokes in the UK.

No one better try!!

The usual suspects have voted blue and red which seems odd to us.

It takes some getting used to as in the UK, Red = socialism but in America, this is the anathema of the Republican belief system.

Imagine Donald Trump singing the Red Flag hand in hand with the leader of the Chinese Communist Party or even Jeremy Corbin whilst wearing a Karl Marx or Che Guevara T shirt. Is that why the spittoon squad are called rednecks?

Imagine Joe Biden with a Thatcherite Blue Rinse espousing that there is no such thing as society.

All so strange!!

The plan is for Joe Biden to break down the Red Wall (built to keep the Mexicans out) and show a compassionate side of politics. Also to set some limits on Covid 19. Maybe if elected, he could mandate wearing a mask and teaching some infection control.

This would be in opposition to “Freedom to infect who I like, don’t infringe on my constitutional rights, fake news superhuman”

Maybe some of the votes which Trump tells us he has already counted will not go his way.

Maybe the Supreme Court will discount the election totally and we end up with the biggest dictatorship not democracy.

The anthem will not be Hail to the Chief but “ Bring on the clowns”

Don’t worry, Nigel Farage is on hand to shout at Piers Morgan on GMB today and deny that Trump suggested disinfectant/ bleach injections to fight infection. – but that is a different story.

(none so blind as those who can see!)