Hi Again

Hi again
I know that I haven’t posted recently (well for nearly a year) but ‘tonight’s the night’ to paraphrase Rod Stewart.

So what has been happening over the last year?
Well the last time I posted, I had just published “Mild Musings May Mitigate My Mentality”
This was my debut as a published author and luckily I managed to sell a few books.
Thanks to my Facebook page, school friends, work friends, open mic friends, friends of friends’ etc. people bought a few and posted pictures of themselves with the ‘tome’ and said some really nice things. This was a tip I picked up from an author I follow ‘Lee Hall’ (not the one who wrote Billy Elliot)

I remember the joy of actually being able to write a book and go through the self publishing route and that it worked. I had read around and sought advice from others and the advice was good. I only spent money on an evaluation/ proof copy but apart from that the only cost was time.

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What have I learned?
Going through the process I had learned a lot- about the practical aspects of cover design, book formatting and so on but as time went on, the visions I had of selling few more books to people who heard me perform were tested.
My initial advertising on my Facebook profile caught the interest of people and thus when the book came out; I got a lot of sales.
I also carried 10 books with me just after I had published and I sold 6 of them within a short time at a performance. One book was a pre-sale to someone who believed in me- sight unseen before I actually published.
However a lesson I should have understood “a sale isn’t a sale until the money is in your hand” as there were people who promised to buy but didn’t!!!
As time went on, I was always surprised/ happy when individuals heard me performing and would “off the cuff” buy a book from me.
This encouraged me to purchase further copies and again I have sold/ given away a further 10 copies.
My online sales have been over 40 so at present there are 60 + copies of my book out there in the UK and Europe.
I have learned a lesson from this about my marketing strategies have been poor so I need to improve.

What have I done/ what am I going to do?
Since I last posted, I have started to go to a new poetry / spoken word event monthly. This has got me out there and I have met a few other authors who have published/ want to be published.
I have shared my publishing lessons (the practical) with a few poets and am expecting to see their work on line soon.
I have also bought a few books from others I have met so I need to read and review.
Hopefully they will reciprocate.
My fellow writers have suggested a few ideas of how to get out there in the online world which I need to take up. Some I have heard of before but I really need to DO IT!!
I will make my “to do list”- bit late for New Years resolutions

Lastly really what is next?
Well after publishing last time, I haven’t stopped writing. I already had a title which I had uploaded to Createspace and obtained an ISBN for. Even though Amazon closed Createspace down, my information has been transferred over to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).
I have almost finished this second book which I hope to publish in the next 6 weeks. This has meant getting to grips with the way that KDP do things!!

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I am already working on a 3rd book as I haven’t stopped writing.
I have plans for a novel too (title and some ideas) but need to actually do the planning.
I promise to post again with more details.