Love Loss & Lasciviousness

During the lockdown I have missed the company of others to bounce my ideas off.

I came across this book when I logged onto a book blog.

It coincidentally was written by an author whom I have met a few times when she has hosted various open mic/ spoken word events in a local library, which I have infrequently attended (prior to the COVID pandemic

When viewing the site I noted that Lara has shared some of the poetry on her book blog and I could have been a ‘cheapskate’ by just reading and then commenting,

Instead to show my commitment to the ‘poor authors’ of the world I have purchased my own copy which I will get autographed at a future date.

I am lucky that I have had the opportunity to hear her orate some of her work and I am pleased to be able to read it at my leisure now that I find some has been published.

Onto my review.

The image on the book is of “The Kiss” by Rodin, which initially is a celebration of Love.

One of the selling point was the fact that the book contains 29 poems which celebrated that the author was 29 years old when she put the collection together.

Another is it is a small volume which is easy to carry around when you want to quickly read a poem intermittently.

The title promises a myriad of emotional release (Love, Loss and Lasciviousness )

In confirming the definition of last emotion, it reveals the hidden soul of the author which is at risk of being condemned. There is a juxtaposition of the morality with love and loss against the staidness usually written.

The use of the word challenges you to condemn as immoral but in reality the words are a response to Love and Loss felt and is more around the ‘playfulness’ of relationships. The British psyche celebrates the lewd and bawdy in humour but is scared in the romance of life.

In reviewing the poetry itself, they don’t overwhelm by being too long, Unlimerick and it goes into the soul and inner reflection of Behind the Mirror, coincidentally I have a poem of my own named this within my first collection.

The poetry looks at the rawness of love and life and contrasts the ethereal with reality. the depth of emotion, the vivaciousness, pain and fun of humour of love.

There is an element of growth within the life of the book and the waves of feelings due to change and observations.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with the literary world by reading and reviewing the book.