Dragons and stuff

So what did you do this weekend?

This is what the civilised or not so civilised often start their conversation with you

What you really want to do is to have something exciting to relate such as fighting a dragon in a mythical world or inventing something useful that’ll get you the next Nobel prize or an investment from one of the dragons (not one you killed earlier) from Dragons Den.

Whilst these are worthy thoughts and reasons to share with your audience, the real conversation usually involves sleeping, eating or cleaning.

If you think a little more laterally, these are some of the adult dragons that we fight most days. They also may be what keeps the mentality unhealthy dragons away and keep you alive.

I bet if George had to keep fighting dragons every day he’d get bored of it. However he needed to just to survive.

Anyway why am I rambling on about dragons.

For those new to me, I wrote a poem about dragons. If you haven’t read my first book then I have been told that it’s a fairly good read.

If you go to Amazon it can be downloaded or bought for a reasonable price.

Who knows you may enjoy it!!!.

Anyway to get back to the subject, writing was one of those dragons I had to conquer.

My English teachers would probably tell you that I could do better but I somehow didn’t.

By putting myself out there has changed my outlook on writing and also performing in that I thought it would be for others but not me.

Reflectimg on the present day, COVID 19 stiffles my writing a bit as I haven’t been out properly, but I have written about a quarter of a new book and need to write a little more

On the positive side I hope to produce something concrete soon.

I have a book in draft form (since March)which ” I will publish when it is my best work “

That’s a tiny glimpse for now