Pet Sematary

Stephen King and Pet Sematary

I am not much of a reader at the moment but have seen Pet Sematary at the local cinema.

After dosing myself up on a monster popcorn and slushy drink, I was prepared for anything.

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Like my wife, daughters and fellow writer Lee Hall I have enjoyed the re- emergence of Stephen King novels and the technological advances of filmography compared to the 1980’s and 90’s

Having seen IT, the Running Man and Misery in the 1980’s, I was impressed by the newer version of IT (part 2 to come).

Therefore when I saw Pet Sematary I was expecting good things and I wasn’t disappointed.

When something is supposed to be scary it is!!

You have the ‘comic’ he’s behind you mentality of the pantomime and the why don’t you get out of there to contend with.  You then have to contrast the horror, the realisation of the protagonists that something is wrong, their hopes and fears of a future without loved ones and the humanity of feeling sorry for the emotionless beings that they become (no spoilers).

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There is a good cast, including Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz  and John Lithgow (The Crown, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Footloose) and you feel the suspense when you meet them and have to make initial impressions as to who is evil or not.

Having checked the storyline compared to the book there are of course some differences, but this doesn’t detract significantly (characters dying in the book who survive in the film)

Of course there is a cliffhanger at the end which allows a potential sequel to be made.

Rating  8/10

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Author: Joe Campling

Joseph Campling lives in Buckinghamshire, and is married with adult children. He trained as a both a General and Mental Health Nurse in the South East of the United Kingdom in the mid 1980’s and has worked in various roles over the past 30 years. His first authored article in 2007 was jointly written about the need to share positive research based practice amongst care teams locally which was then published in a professional journal. He published “Mild Musings May Mitigate My Mentality” which was his first collection of poems in 2018. He has subsequently published MERRING or is it MRS GREN? Having written sporadically over the years (usually for friends and family) he has been writing more consistently over the past two years and has begun to recite his poetry at various Open Mic nights and Spoken Word events. He is often found ‘scribbling’ and then performing what he has just written. He recently has also been collaborating with a jazz composer by writing lyrics which have been put to music. His interests include watching live music, trying to play the guitar (still project in progress) and quizzing. He also likes to watch TV; mostly factual documentaries, comedy and quiz shows He also needs to read more and swears that he will do so very soon as he has a pile of books to read. He also ‘hangs out’ with members of the local drama club although he has no plans to act but is partial to the odd pint of orange juice and lemonade!! He follows rugby and can sometimes be found cheering his team on (London Irish) whether they win or lose.

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